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Single-channel system of the latest generation: BLACK-Series!

The solution for the simplest tasks with minimum space and weight. The BLACK.1 controller is perfect for functional position, flashing, flashing/ACL lights or headlights on simple models. This is generally done without a remote control channel, which is optional. The BLACK.1 controller is simply connected to a 2S/3S battery. In programming mode, any light pattern can be determined, which is then always executed. If a receiver is connected, the light pattern can also be selected via the transmitter.

Easy realization of position flashers for sailors and sports models, the position lighting for multicopters, headlights for position recognition for jets,... The B.1 controller can also be used as an extension channel to other uniLIGHT controllers. Further information can be found at www.unilight.at

New features of the BLACK series
  • Dynamic more beautiful, faster and sharper defined lighting effects
  • Reduced size and weight, optimized for 2-channel application
  • Safety Basic short-circuit protection of the outputs, switch-off and automatic reactivation
  • Battery deep discharge protection for connected LiPo

Technical Data
  • control side receiver 4.8-9.6V
  • approx. 1.5g without cable
  • dimension 45x14x6mm
  • Light signals 3A to 16V (5A peak)
  • operation also possible without RC signal
  • 11 effects with variable speed
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Deep discharge protectio


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