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PRO-Small Lighting Set!

Professional basic lighting set with the best luminaires for your model. The set consists of 4-channel control, 19mm landing lights, combined position and flash lights right and left of the 7mm series. The set is suitable for models from approx. 1.2 to 1.6m span and is operated directly with 2S Lipo (8V). All luminaires are directly ready for operation and only need to be connected to the control module. The work for the model builder is limited to laying or extending the cables. The set can of course be extended as required with the individually available components.

Box Contents

  • Control module 4-channel (MODUL-4-300)
  • 7mm Combi Navigation Light LEFT (DUAL7-060x2-RTWE)
  • 7mm Combi navigation light RIGHT (DUAL7-060x2-GNWE)
  • 19mm headlight SPOT19-040-WE
  • operation 8V/2S possible


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