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The ideal introduction to the uniLIGHT.at system!
Herewith we offer you an extremely powerful, simple and nevertheless favourable beginner system for most middle sport and scale models. A complete package to get to know and at an unbeatable price.

You get a complete set with controls, even more powerful combination lights with position light + flash, a headlight with 13/22/25mm optics to choose and a 1000mAh/2 LiPo battery for power supply.

Box Contents

- 1x Control Black.4
- 1x headlight new type with 13, 22 and 25mm lens to choose by yourself, new chip extremely good performance (SPOT-025-WE)
- 2x position lights with flash DUAl11, the bestsellers also with new chip and even better performance (DUAL11-110x2, was previously DUAL11-080x2)
- 1x rechargeable battery suitable for LiPo 1000mAh/2S/20C system Weight-optimized


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