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Set for self-made low-cost and small navigation lights in short version with slightly reduced power. Ideal for smaller models , but still super luminosity. The lights only have to be wired in the model.

Please note that high-power LEDs can become very warm, up to 70°C is quite normal. Check the operating temperatures after installation.

Technical data

Referenzleistung 3,5W
Spannung 8(12)V
Stromstärke 0.28A
Abstrahlwinkel >160°
Lichtstärke ca.ROT ~40 Lumen/GRÜN ~60 Lumen
Abmessungen 8x18x9mm (Kappe)
Gewicht 5g (ohne Kabel)
Abmessung Kühler D7x14mm

Box Contents

  • 2 pcs. Lights with cooler and caps
  • 1 bunch of cables
  • Resistors for operation at 6V, 8V(2S) and 12V(3S)


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