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Professional lighting set with a central ACG compliant strobe light for your glider to operate over 150m. The set consists of 1-channel control and a white 24mm flash light with various covers. The special shape of the light module illuminates the entire upper hemisphere and forms the ACG's minimum requirement for model flying as a single light for ascent permissions up to 500m.

The set is suitable for all models where central mounting is possible. Direct operation 3S Lipo (12V) or equivalent BEC. All lights are directly ready for operation and only need to be connected to the control module. The work for the model builder is limited to laying or extending the cables. The system can of course be extended with further lights within the electrical load capacity.

Information on the reference performance is purely a comparison value between the lamps offered. They normally refer to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and depend on the illuminant, operating mode and technology.

Pay attention to the operating temperature, we cannot accept any liability for overheating.

Attention: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into an LED!

Box Contents

- Control module 1-channel (MODUL-B1)
- Hemispheric round light RND24X-240x3-WE
- Operation only possible on 12V/3S. For further information, please refer to the descriptions of the individual products.


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