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The name CORTEX stands for demonic and carefree flying pleasure for the most demanding RC pilot. High-quality, reliable, versatile, ready for universal use - this is how they have long been known everywhere, the top class of the three-axis stabilization system.

With CORTEXpro the next generation is now available with even more demonic features and fun factors. Based on the latest 32-bit processor technology, the brand-new CORTEXpro now offers you a number of attractive new features in addition to the state-of-the-art features for even more flight and operating comfort. The combination of simple programming and basic setting without software, automatic signal protocol recognition, compatibility with all common analog and digital group signal and bus protocols without exception, as well as the dual and redundant serial input and output option is absolutely unique. Let the daemon into the cockpit and test the new CORTEXpro now! Even more fun, even more safety, even more comfort - less is probably just your breath...

- Multi-protocol input and output
- Latest 32-bit technology
- Up to 24 channels, 16 stabilized
- Receiver redundancy for 2 inputs
- iOS & Android app for fine tuning
- Fast teach-in via transmitter
- No software required

bavarianDEMON is one of the most striking and ambitious young labels in the RC-model making. If bavarianDEMON is written on something, you can expect quality, exclusivity, performance, action and innovation - and all that with a "Demon inside". bavarianDEMON is extremely strong in the stabilisation performance. With numerous innovationes and world firsts, bavarianDEMON supports newcomer and experts all over the world, concentrated on different demands, learning curves and expectations, for RC-helicopters and area models.


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