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- Dimensions rotor: 37,5 x 26,8 x 16,0 mm
- Weight: 20,2 g
- Operating voltage: 3.8...8.4 V
- Receiver modulation: FASSTest (18 channel mode / 12 channel Hi-Speed mode) or T-FHSS AIR
- Swash plate types: H3-90 / H3-120 / H3-140 / H4-00 / H4-45
- Speed range (head): 700 rpm...4000 rpm
- Rotation rate:+/- 1200° / s
- Speed resolution: 6 rpm
- Servo neutral times: 760 µs / 1520 µs
- Servo frame rate: 70 Hz (analog), 280 Hz (digit. 1520 µs), 560 Hz (digit. 760 µs)

The combination of a Flybarless 3-axis gyro with governor and receiver in one component simplifies the cabling in the model considerably. Successor of the successful CGY750, the software and functions are essentially based on the predecessor CGY750 V2.0. The housing is made of high-quality, anodised aluminium. 4 holes on the underside serve to fix the gyro in the heli. The firmware of the gyro can be updated to use the latest software. Some parameters can be programmed wirelessly in the gyro by connecting the GBP-1 programming box to the transmitter. The use of future swash plate servos with 760µs neutral pulse is supported.


Improved and faster PID control loop compared to the CGY750, variable gyro mounting position possible.

Digital servos with 1520µs / 760µs and analog servos with 1520µs possible, mode 3D or sport selectable, FeedForward operation for precise tail control.

Roll- / Pitch

2 setting modes: F3C or 3D, supports the swashplate types: H3-90 / H3-120 / H3-140 / H4-00 / H4-45 Digital servos with 1520µs / 760µs* and analog servos with 1520µs possible. (* 760us in development)

GOVERNOR (head speed controller)
Improved and faster PID control loop compared to the CGY750, speed control from 700 rpm to 4000 rpm possible. Digital or analog servos (1520µs neutral pulse) can be used. Mode Governor or speed limiter selectable. Extremely fast control response enables a stable speed level. Connection options for various speed sensors. Telemetry function: transmission of speeds to the transmitter

FASSTest (18 channel mode / 12 channel Hi-Speed mode) or T-FHSS AIR. Antenna Diversity System for maximum transmission reliability. Telemetry functions: (battery voltage, various sensors via SBUS2 port and speed).
ID-Link connection as with common FASSTest / T-FHSS receivers.

Programming box which is connected to the CGY760R via the "P-BOX" connector. Backlit LC display with 128 x 64 dots resolution (like T12K transmitter). Operation via 4 edit buttons and beeper, power supply via CGY760R. The parameters of the connected gyro are stored in a non-volatile memory (are retained without the battery connected).

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