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Please note our safety information for spectrum users: Safety-Note-Aura-8-English.pdf
Keep your Aura 8 firmware always up to date. All information can be found here: http://wiki.flexinnovations.com/wiki/Aura
Download Link "Config Tool": http://dev.flexinnovations.com/configTool/setup.exe

The Aura 8 is the an advanced flight control system for fixed wing aircraft. It Is very lightweight and compatible with all major radio brands. You no longer need to spend a fortune, nor be restricted to specific radio types to experience state of the art control.

The Aura 8 is designed to enhance the pilots experience, while not interfering with the pilots control. Your aircraft will fly as if it were bigger, and in less wind, even though it is as agile as you want it to be.

The powerful 32-bit processor makes it virtually future proof. The micro USB port makes updates easy, not complex. The firmware can even be updated as new features become available. Today, the Aura 8 offers various three axis gyro stabilization modes (and yes, you can turn it off from the transmitter if you choose), but it's new generation six axis sensor means it is ready for the future.

  • Enhanced Stability and Control for all types of Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Connects easily to receivers or satellites from all major radio brands
  • Micro USB Port allows loading model configurations, user programming, and firmware updates
  • Custom tuning through PC
  • 3+ Flight Modes allow precise or aggressive settings to be selected in the same flight
  • 3 Axis Gyro modes for Precision and 3D Aerobatics
  • 6 Axis Sensor and powerful 32-bit processor allows for continuous expansion and feature updates
  • Lightweight and Durable plastic case
  • Dimensions 38.2/36.5/14.5 mm or 1.5" x 1.4" x 0.6"
  • Weight 0.5 oz
  • Voltage 4 - 10V DC

  • Eight Servo Ports can be individually configured as (PWM) Inputs or Outputs
  • Two dedicated ports for DSM® Satellites
  • Dedicated input port for single wire digital connection via S.Bus® (Futaba®) or SRXL (JR®, Multiplex, Graupner SUMD) or analog PPM stream
  • Supports traditional receivers via male to male 'Servo' Interconnect Leads
  • Micro USB Port for loading model programs, user programming, and firmware updates
  • Telemetry port for future expansion

Technical data

Aura AFCS User Info: Config Files / Trouble Shooting / Aura FAQ:


Box Contents

  • Aura 8
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 4 'Servo' Interconnect Leads
  • Mounting Tape



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