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The iGyro 3e is the little brother of the iGyro SRS and offers excellent performance. The control characteristics are identical to those of the iGyro SRS and of course the quality is of the highest PowerBox standard! The iGyro 3e works with normal PWM signals on input and output. This allows the integration of the gyro into existing models without any effort. The iGyro 3e is simply plugged between receiver and servos. With the help of an additional channel the sensitivity of the gyro in flight can be adjusted. The installation and adjustment of the iGyro 3e can be completed in a few minutes. The division of the sensitivity control into two ranges allows the pilot to predefine different flight modes.

By default, the iGyro 3e can be operated in Heading mode or Damping mode using the sensitivity control. Heading mode has been specially developed for surface models and promises natural flight characteristics. Of course, the heading operation can remain activated during take-off and landing! The ranges of the sensitivity controller can be easily adjusted via laptop or PC: Heading option and the strength of the gyro effect are separately adjustable for each output. Of course, a delta and v-tail mixer is installed and the installation position can be selected.

To program the IGYRO on the PC, the USB interface 9707636 is absolutely necessary.

- high precision 3-axis MEMS sensor
- special control algorithm for surface models
- 3 axes distributed on 5 servos independently adjustable
- Input and output with conventional PWM signals
- Input for in-flight sensitivity adjustment
- Heading or normal mode switchable in flight
- integrated delta and v-tail mixer
- selectable mounting position
- 16bit processor for high resolution and fast signal processing
- Updateable with the PowerBox USB Interface Adapter
- robust aluminium housing

Technical data

Betriebsspannung 4,0V - 9,0V
Stromaufnahme Betrieb 40mA
Strombelastbarkeit 20A
Signal Eingang PWM
Servoausgänge, gesamt 5
Auflösung Servoimpulse 0,5µs
Kreisel Regelung Heading- und Normalmodus
Kreisel Sensor Typ MEMS
Anzahl d. Sensorachsen 3
Abmessungen 43 x 30 x 15 mm
Gewicht 36g, inkl. 6 Patchkabel
Temperaturbereich -30°C bis +75°C


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