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R.E.S. - Small thermal gliders with high performance

The abbreviation R.E.S. comes from the English-speaking world and stands for rud-der - elevator - spoiler. These are models which are only controlled by rudder, elevator and spoiler. In the German area it has become commonplace in the meantime that models are called R.E.S. which fit into the competition class of the same name - but do not necessarily have to be flown there.

The rules limit the models to the three control functions mentioned, a maximum span of 2 m and a wooden construction. Building these models is fun. Kits and equipment are all available at very moderate costs. R.E.S. also has something to do with "keep it simple", or with "back to the roots". But not at all simple, you should not be fooled by the modern R.E.S. constructions as far as their flight performance is concerned. They are ideal for taking advantage of even the smallest thermal delamination in the immediate vicinity. The models can also be used successfully for beginner training or as an advanced beginner.

The author concentrates in this book mainly on current models which were constructed for the competition class R.E.S. or which fit very well due to their design. They are all models with high performance potential for flying in thermals.

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  • Author: Frank Schwartz
  • 88 pages
  • size 16,5 x 23 cm
  • approx. 120 illustrations


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