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- Voltage under load: 14.8 Volt
- Current: 65 Ampere
- Thrust in grams: 1500g

A30-14M-DF Motor:
The 6-pole 4S impeller motor for 70mm impellers.

A30-14M-DF Motor Data:
- Lipo cell count: 4S
- Idle speed per volt: 3500 rpm-1
- Weight: 110g
- Outer diameter 35 mm
- Length 1: 33 mm (without extension)
- Length 2: 62 mm (with extension)
- Number of poles: 6
- Recommended regulator: 70A Brushless
- sus. Timing: 10
- Shaft diameter: 3,17 mm

Hacker Stream-Fan Impeller Series combines two quality products to a true high-performance drive. The EVO impeller developed by Wemotec in conjunction with new high-performance motors matched to impellers will bring your model into unimagined performance ranges. The fan integrated in the motor ensures moderate temperatures in the motor even during long full throttle phases. The impellers are already assembled and fine-balanced. The motor is also fully assembled, eliminating the need for time-consuming adjustment work.

Technical data

Masse-Ø Außen/Innen ca.72/69 mm
Länge 60mm(ohneLippe)
Rotor 9 Blatt
Gewicht ca.182 g
f.Motorwelle -
f.Motor-Ø 35 mm
Art Impeller Elektro
Spannung unter Last 14,8 V
Strom 65 A
Schub in Gramm 1500

Box Contents

- Wemotec EVO Impeller 70
- Hacker A30-14M-DF engine


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