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AXi Cyclone Inrunner, Outrunner Brushless motor offers high efficiency with a long service life and due to its slim design it is particularly suitable for narrow, narrow sailor's hulls such as in Hotliner models. The motor connections are made directly at the rear of the housing. This reduces the motor diameter by eliminating the side cable exits.

Technical data

Zellen 3-5LiPo
Luftschrauben 14x7 3S 12x6,5 4S
Geh.-Ø/Geh.-L/W-Ø 40/75/5 mm
Gewicht 230g
Anw.Beispiel/Features Hotliner bis ca. 3000g
U/V 760
Motor-Art Innenläufer
empf. Regler


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