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Ultimate synergy between flight model and engine!

After more than 2 years of research, development, testing and refinement, the new "Xpwr" engines from ExtremeFlight are the result of a long and arduous but ultimately triumphant collaboration between Ben Fisher, Chris Hinson and the manufacturer in Asia. Driven to develop a range of high performance, high quality and performance engines that ideally match the ExtremeFlight flight models, Ben and Chris set themselves the goal of delivering a product with consistent quality and reliability. An equally important goal at the beginning of the project was a thoroughly tested "plug and play" solution for providing the ideal drive to maximize the performance of the model-drive combination.

Technical data

Luftschrauben 15x7 4S 80A
Geh.-Ø/Ges.-L o.W./W-Ø
Gewicht 166 g
Anw.Beispiel/Features 48" Modelle
U/V 820
Motor-Art Außenläufer
Models of Extremeflight-RC are known for excellent quality and performance. Most models are made out of wood and are shipped with the most important and very valuable accessoires (many models without decal set). Numerous pilots all over the world trust in Extremeflight models. An extensive and illustrated construction manual in english helps the final assembly.


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