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The new V4 series of A30 brushless motors offers increased efficiency. A newly designed rear end shield and improved fan provide higher performance throughput and improved fatigue strength.
Technical data:
Power range max. 500W (15 sec.)
Open-circuit current at 8.4V 2.3A
Internal resistance 0.023 Ohm
Idle speed per volt 1185 rpm-1
Weight 143g
outside diameter 37,2 mm
Length 40 mm
No. of poles 14
regulator recommendation 40A Brushless
Recommended. Timing 20° - 25
Shaft diameter 5 mm

Technical data

Zellen 3S LiPo
Luftschrauben 11x5,5 , 10x6
Geh.-Ø/Geh.-L/W-Ø 37,2/34/5 mm
Gewicht 104 g
Anw.Beispiel/Features Motormodelle bis ca. 1,2kg
U/V 1060
Motor-Art Außenläufer
empf. Regler


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