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Special design for the Goblin 380! The X-Nova 2820 was specially developed for the Goblin 380. With this model it depends on an optimal weight - performance ratio. X-Nova has developed the optimum motor for this in every respect. On the one hand, the basal metabolic rate is "in the green range", on the other hand, the engine convinces with an abnormal torque and still remains agile. That's the way it's supposed to be.

- High-quality neodymium magnets - resistant up to 150°C
- Temperature resistant windings - up to 250°C
- Bell fine-balanced
- High Performance Stator
- Optimized cooling
- High quality 3-fold NMB storage
- High efficiency (according to manufacturer up to 92%)
- Total high-quality workmanship

Technical data

Geh.-Ø/Geh.-L/W-Ø 36/40,50/5 mm
Gewicht 140 g
Anw.Beispiel/Features 3D SAB GOBLIN-380
U/V 890
Motor-Art Außenläufer
empf. Regler


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