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APC propellers have been popular for years and are developed according to the latest findings and manufactured on state-of-the-art machines. Due to their special blade shape, they are significantly quieter than comparable other propellers and achieve very high efficiencies when appropriately adapted. A wide range of different dimensions and pitches are available for optimum adaptation. The latest developments are the APC slow and electric props, which are even lighter and specially designed for the needs of the electric models and their RE number range. These propellers are supplied with adapters for the usual shaft diameters.

Technical data

Size 12
Pitch 6
Bore-Ø 6,35 mm
Type 2 Blade
Material Glass fiber reinforced plastic
The product assortment from APC has been rapidly growing since the founding of the company in 1989, with about 400 different sizes and types of propellers! This includes 2-bladed, 3-bladed, and 4-bladed propellers for glow and electric motors. APC Props offers high performance with little sound!


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