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Phoenix brushless controller from Castle Creation. Regulators in advanced technology! Easy and extensive programming with the "Castle Link USB Kit" # 76371, proven in everyday use and competition. New" EDGE" series in "Standard" (with heat sink) and "Lite" (in shrink tubing for reduced space requirements) with extended functionality. The Phoenix Edge series is the next evolutionary step in controller technology. The Edge series has a user-programmable auxiliary wire that you have only dreamed of. The Phoenix Edge series is designed for use in helicopters of 450-800 sizes and models from 1.2 m and larger. As always, the Edge series offers industry-leading software features, data logging and USB programming, programmable via Castle Link USB adapters.
Features Phoenix ICE:
BEC for up to 8S lipos (Only with BEC controllers)
BEC adjustable in steps of 0.1V from 5-7V (only for BEC controllers)
Logging functions for e. g. current, speed, etc.
ICE standard with larger heatsinks, for demanding applications
ICE Lite in shrink tubing for e. g. narrow hulls
Can be used immediately at the factory and without settings
Governor fashion for the sophisticated helicopter
Note: Ice Lite 200 requires air flow for cooling

Technical data

Cells 2-8LiPo
Cont A 100
Max A 30 x4
BEC 5-8,4V/5A
Dimensions 71,9/50,8/23,2 mm
Weight 126,6 g
Type Brushless
Castle Creations has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic speed controls by combining state-of-the-art technologies with high volume manufacturing. The principles that helped us grow from one man with a desire for "something better" are still our driving force.


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