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The Talon 90 Sport is designed for BEC of today's servos, short term it delivers up to 20 A peak power and 9 A continuous power, which will satisfy even the most hungry servos. Specially designed for helicopters with 2000 W on 6S. Talon 90 is ideal for helicopters with 2.000 Watt on 6S, suitable for extreme 500 and 550 class helis and sport (6S) 600 setups.

Talon controllers are the ultimate answer for demanding BEC systems. From the compact Talon 15 to the ultra-strong HV120, the series is designed to withstand any power-hungry servo. The Talon series controllers are easy to program using the free Castle Link software and the Castle Link Programming Kit or the Castle Field Link Programmer (sold separately).

Technical data

Cells 3-6LiPo
Cont A 90
Max A 400
BEC 6-8V/9A
Dimensions 80/43/18 mm
Weight 84,5 g
Type Brushless
Castle Creations has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic speed controls by combining state-of-the-art technologies with high volume manufacturing. The principles that helped us grow from one man with a desire for "something better" are still our driving force.


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