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The Platinium series from Hobbywing includes professional controllers for airplanes and helicopters with the best performance and advanced features such as "Governor Mode" for helicopters. The firmware can be updated by the user and is also ideal for experienced pilots.


High-performance microprocessor with an operating frequency of up to 50MHz provides excellent compatibility with most available motors and high drive efficiency.
The maximum speed can reach up to 210,000 rpm (at 2 poles), 70,000 rpm (at 6 poles) and 35,000 rpm (at 12 poles) motors.
Various flight modes: aircraft, helicopter Governor "Off" / "Elf" / "Store"
Adjustable throttle path for compatibility with most transmitters. It provides a smooth, linear gas intake with very fast transmission.
Built-in high efficient and powerful (Switch Mode) BEC with 5.2V / 6.0V / 7.4V output power.
The microprocessor is powered by an independent DC controller to reduce the susceptibility to interference and thus reduce the loss of signals.
Brand new Governor program brings excellent speed control
"Auto-Rotation Restart" can manually interrupt the automatic rotation to restart the engine quickly and thus prevent accidents due to incorrect operation.
Independent output for the motor Speed signal
Compatible with the LCD Program Box (optional) to easily and visually program or reset the controller in all its parameters.
The firmware can be updated via the Program Box and its USB port by means of a PC.
The independent output can be used for programming by means of the Program Box or for reading out the status data. When coordinating with the data transmission module, real-time data and protocol data can be read out
It has numerous protective functions such as extraordinary input voltage monitoring, low-voltage protection and signal loss protection, which increase the safety and service life of the controller.

Technical data

Zellen 2-6LiPo
Dauer A 100
Max A 150
Größe 70/35/21 mm
Gewicht 104 g
Typ Brushless

Box Contents

Technical data:

- Model: Platinum-100A-V3
- Main field of application: 480-550 class helicopter
- Input voltage: 2-6S LiPo, 5,2-25,2V
- Continuous current / Short time: 100A / 150A (in 10 sec)
- BEC: Switch Mode BEC with 6.0 / 7.4 / 8.4 Volt at 10A (constant) / 25A (short time)
- (The BEC has a protection function which prevents the battery voltage from being passed through to the receiver should the BEC be damaged)
- Programming output: It provides 5.5V/100mA power for the Program Box or an external fan.
- Input / output cable: 12AWG
- Weight: 110g (with fan)
- Dimensions: 70 x 35 x 32mm (with fan)


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