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The Platinum series from Hobbywing includes professional controllers for aircraft and helicopters with the best and most reliable performance you can expect as a professional pilot. They also have many advanced features such as Governor Mode for helicopters. The firmware can be updated by the user to be always up to date. This controller series is ideal for experienced pilots with a lot of experience as well as pilots who attach great importance to performance and quality.
With this extremely reliable and more than powerful controller you will catapult your heli into new spheres. Precise flight figures and sensitive throttle response are now a matter of course. With the Soft-Start Up function there is no more tail drift and you have an optimal starting situation right from the start.

Excellent motor speed control "Governing
A 32-bit high-performance processor with a frequency of 72MHz paired with an advanced algorithm enable excellent motor speed control under a wide variety of conditions. Combined with the ability to set a wide variety of governor parameters, you can be assured of sensitive and precise control over the speed to suit each pilot's needs.

Driving Efficiency Optimization Technology / High reliability & efficiency
Driving Efficiency Technology (DEO)" reduces the controller's operating temperature, increases flight time and provides consistent, stable performance. Thanks to an active brake, the engine can reduce its speed extremely quickly when the throttle is released, i.e. there is a significantly faster reaction to movements of the throttle lever. This allows the pilot to perform even easier manoeuvres such as extremely sharp bends, sudden changes in altitude or sudden braking.
With DEO technology, the controller temperature is reduced by up to 10% and efficiency can be increased by up to 10%.

High Power HV BEC
The integrated switching BEC has an adjustable voltage range of 5V to 8V and can be loaded constantly with 7A and briefly even up to 18A. So there is enough power available to get a fast and precise control for your HV servos.

Super smooth start
The Paltinum v4 series gives the engines a super smooth start and prevents tail-drifts. The start time can be set between 8 and 25 sec. so that for each flight an ideal starting situation for each take-off results.

Four brake modes
The Platinum series has the following brake modes - Brake Disable / Normal brake / Proportional brake and brake reversal. The brake force is adjustable with the normal brake, in proportional brake mode the brake force is automatically adjusted depending on the stick movement and when the brake is reversed the direction of rotation of the rotor can be reversed by means of a further channel.

Multiple protection mechanisms
It has numerous protective functions such as controller overheating, capacitor overheating, controller overvoltage protection, signal loss and undervoltage protection. Thanks to all these protection mechanisms you will be able to enjoy the controller for a long time.

Other features include
A separate programming port on the controller allows them to do this,
program the controller
check the flight data like min. voltage, max. temperature, standard rpm and gas curve (in Heli Governing Store Mode)
Update firmware using the Multifunction LCD Program Box or Wi-Fi Module & Apple/Android Mobile App

Technical data:

Product Name: Platinum 60A V4
Product Number: 30215100
Type:Brushed/Brushless: BL
High Voltage/Regular: regular

Specifications: continuous current / short term: 60A/80A
Input voltage: 3-6S LiPo
BEC output: Switch Mode 5-8V / 7A

Cable & Connector Input Cable: 14AWG-100mm
Output cable: 14AWG-75mm
Input connector: Without
Output connector: 3.5mm gold contact (female)
Note: All cable lengths refer to the total length including the length in the housing

Remote control programming knob: No
LED Program Card: No
LED program box: no
LCD Program Box: Yes
WiFi modules: Yes
Programming Port: Programming / Gas cable

Firmware firmware updateable: Yes

Size & WeightSize: 48.0 x 30.0 x 15.5mm
Weight: 49g

Application 450-480 Class Heli (Main rotor: 325-360mm)

Technical data

Zellen 3-6 LiPo
Dauer A 60
Max A 80
BEC 5-8V/7A
Größe 48/30/15,5
Gewicht 49g
Typ Brushless


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