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Compared to the previous Spin series, MASTER SPIN "PRO" offers extended programming options, e.g. "AUTO-Timing" and direct input of the switch-off/off voltage. In addition, basic telemetry functions can also be transmitted via the Jeti Duplex system. (motor speed, drive battery voltage, controller temperature, fault diagnosis). Note: no Duplex EX telemetry, i.e. these values are displayed "only" in the JetiBox mode of the DC/DS-16 and the JetiBox Profi.

High-end controller series from Jeti!

- switched BEC (=SBEC), only BEC versions!
- integrated data logger for currents, voltage, speed, temperature and time in min. and max. values
- Multimode adjustable for helicopter and surface flight
- very smooth start-up, precise speed control
- for all external and internal rotors
- adjustable: direction of rotation, operating mode, regulation history, control range variable, switch-off mode, pre-ignition, acceleration, frequency, brake, switch-off, voltage and temperature
- Protection program for all battery types
- Speed hold mode (Governor in Helimode)
- automatic calibration
- Parameters and logg data can be displayed via spin box

Technical data

Cells 6-24NiXX/2-8LiPo
Cont A 160
Max A 25
BEC 5,5V
Dimensions 85/27/23 mm
Weight 95 g
Type Brushless


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