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Compared to the previous Master Spin series, the Master Spin Pro series offers extended programming options, e.g. "AUTO-Timing" and direct input of the cut-off/shutdown voltage to meet all requirements and battery types. In addition, basic telemetry functions can also be transmitted via the Jeti Duplex system (engine speed, drive battery voltage, temperature controller, fault diagnosis). Note: no Duplex EX telemetry, i.e. these values are displayed "only" in the JetiBox mode of the DC/DS-16 and the JetiBox Profi.

Technical data

Zellen 24-40NiXX/6-14LiPo
Dauer A 170
Max A 400
BEC opto
Größe 120/63/27 mm
Gewicht 270 g
Typ Brushless


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