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Further characteristics:
Optionally switchable to internal or external rotor operation, display via LED.
Brake can be switched on and off by programming.
High clock frequency (32000 Hz) for sensitive control, e. g. for "Torque".
An integrated temperature protection protects against thermal damage.
Designed for 6... 12 NC/NiMH or 2... 4 LiPo cells.
Programmable undervoltage shutdown
Like all robbe controllers, these are also equipped with the usual protection and filter functions, such as POR startup protection and RX filters.
Tailored to the BL motor series ROXXY, but can also be used for other BL motors.

Programmable basic functions:
Battery type NC / NiMH or LiPo
Motor running direction left, right, forward backward
Brake On - Off
Model type selection of flight, ship or helicopter

900 series of controllers is particularly distinguished by the fact that it can be used universally for almost all areas of model making. Be it as a forward/backward speed controller for RC cars or ships, as a speed controller for racing boats, as a speed controller with adjustable brake or even for E-Helis, with or without speed controller.

Technical data

Cells 6-12NiXX/2-4LiPo
Cont A 18
Max A 22
BEC 5,5V-2A
Dimensions 38/22/7 mm
Weight 25 g
Type Brushless


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