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The new telemetry controllers for MULTIPLEX M-LINK transmission.

Completely revised technology:
Stronger, smaller, lighter and better Three versions with 45 A, 70 A and 100 A are available. Programmable ROXXY® telemetry controllers for brushless motors with integrated sensors for MULTIPLEX M-LINK transmission. The easiest and most compact way to use telemetry! In these ROXXY® Smart Control controllers, sensors for voltage, current, temperature, speed and capacity are permanently and compactly integrated.
The data, processed and integrated into the MSB telemetry system, contribute significantly to the RC pilot's information.

- Speed controller for brushless motors: forward, brake (on/off), reverse (on/off)
- Programmable braking force
- M-LINK MSB telemetry for easy controller programming
- M-LINK MSB Telemetry Data and Warnings for Voltage, Current, Temperature, Speed and Capacitance
- Extremely powerful S-BEC system, clocked and with adjustable voltage in the range of 5.0...8.0 V
- Telemetry data and warnings for voltage, current, temperature, speed and capacity

Technical data

Zellen 2-6 LiPo
Dauer A 100
Max A 160
BEC ja
Größe 70/32/10 mm
Gewicht 79 g
Typ Brushless


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