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Technical data:
- The indicated current is the maximum continuous full gas flow with good cooling.
- 6 to 14s LiPo, reverse control or switch-off at undervoltage.
- 5 to 14s LiFePo4, undervoltage reverse control.
- Current limitation
- Undervoltage detection can be switched off.
- Speed control (Governor mode).
- Soft start.
- Active freewheeling, thus unlimited partial load stability.
- Automatic timing, or adjustable in 6 steps.
- EMF brake adjustable.
- F3A / Acro brake (brake strength steplessly adjustable in flight).
- Min. and max. values are logged and can be displayed after the flight in the optional PC-Tool (e.g. current).
- Speed limit: 240,000 rpm (2-poler)
- Overtemperature / overload warning
- Anti-flash: Reduces the sparking effect.
- Basic programming via mode setup.
- Fine adjustment and selection of telemetry protocol via PC setup, suitable USB adapter is available as an option.
- Dimensions: 84 x 56 x 30 mm
- Weight with / without cable: 187g / 252g

Technical data

Zellen 6-14 LiPo
Dauer A 205
Max A 205
BEC 5-8,4v/12-30A
Größe 84 x 56 x 31
Gewicht 219g o. Kabel/287g m. Kabel
Typ Brushless


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