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Perfect for intermittent pumping of model fuel, water and for industrial/commercial applications. This high quality pump is self-priming and versatile. It can pump forwards and backwards. Simply connect the pump to a Power Panel or mount a switch. Lapped brass gears ensure long pump life. For best results, attach the pump vertically (as shown in the picture). The gears will then remain wet. Including metal fastening with screws and accessories as well as cable lugs and two brass reduction connections.

Technical data
Power supply = 12V direct current
Current consumption = 1.5A - 3.5A
Pump capacity = 1.8 litres / minute
Maximum pressure = 3.8 bar
Dimensions = 73 x 46 x 60mm
Connections Ø = 6.0mm

Brass reduction connections to Ø 4.0mm included in scope of delivery


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