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The complete structure of the SparkSwitch was deliberately kept simple without forgoing important functions. The ignition switch is immediately ready for use without adjustment work, only in the remote control the switch must be adjusted.

With the SparkSwitch the ignition can be switched on and off by the transmitter. As power supply 2s LiPo, 2s LiFe or 4-5s NiMh cells can be used. The output voltage is linearly stabilized and regulated to 5.9 volts (alternatively 7.4V and 12V). All types of ignitions can be operated with it. A pluggable, bright 5 mm LED informs about the switching status and can be mounted in the area of the bonnet.

A particularly user-friendly feature is that the receiver system is switched off and no more power is taken from the ignition battery. This means that no additional switch is required between the battery and SparkSwitch and you never forget to switch off the ignition battery.

Of course, the battery can also be recharged when connected.

The receiver and ignition circuit are separated via an optocoupler so that no interference can reach the receiver.

Two connection cables and the LED with holder are supplied as accessories

Box Contents

- Spark Switch
- 2 pcs. connecting lead
- LED with bracket


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