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The SparkSwitch PRO is the consistent further development of the SparkSwitch which has been successfully on the market since 2008. The SparkSwitch PRO combines the well-known reliability with new possibilities of telemetry transmission. The SparkSwitch PRO is equipped with a real bidirectional infrared connection, which physically separates the receiver unit from the ignition, but at the same time sends telemetry information from the ignition and engine back to the telemetry interface.

As telemetry information voltage, consumed capacity and current consumption of the ignition battery, as well as speed and temperature of the engine are available.

The SparkSwitch PRO works from 4V to 13V, so all types of ignitions can be operated. The output voltage for the ignition can either be set to regulated 5.9V or unregulated battery voltage.

- Interference-free ignition switch
- Galvanic isolation between ignition and receiver
- Immune against static charge
- Regulated or unregulated output voltage
- Suitable for 6.0V, 7.4V and also 12V ignitions
- Monitoring of the ignition battery by telemetry
- Speed and motor temperature
- Two different switching modes
- compact design
- incl. temperature sensor

Technical data
- Operating voltage 4.0 - 13.0 Volt
- Current consumption operation 30mA
- Standby power consumption 60?A
- Current carrying capacity max. 2A
- Output voltage 5.9V / open
- Signal Input PWM, P²BUS, S.BUS2
- Supported telemetry systems PowerBox, Jeti, Futaba, Graupner, Multiplex, JR
- Dimensions 60 x 24 x 14 mm


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