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Tank cap for engine and jet models for installation in the fuselage. The lock is installed in the fuselage with 8 corresponding Phillips wood screws.

The cylindrical part that enters the fuselage has a diameter of 19.5 mm and projects 37 mm into the fuselage interior, the round part on the surface has a diameter of 32 mm, the part consists of high-strength aluminum which is not anodized, thus the valve is not sensitive to scratches. The lid itself is made of cleanly turned brass. The lid also has a groove with a rubber O-ring to prevent loosening due to vibrations. A non-return valve for 4 mm PE pipes is installed in the whole unit. The non-return valve is available as a spare part in case of wear. The valve is kerosene and gasoline solid. Two 5 cm long pieces for 4 mm PE cables are supplied. They can also be used as adapters for normal fuel hoses. The difference to the old version is that the blue operating button no longer stands out of the valve. This is covered with a brass lid. As a result, the operating button is no longer visible. The use of high-strength aluminium and the replaceable check valve gives you a very durable product made in Germany.


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