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High speeds, power-valve system, highest demands on the lubricant film thickness: No problem for the Bel-Ray H1-R Racing 100% Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil.

Bel-Ray H1-R Racing 100% Synthetic Ester 2T Engine Oil was developed for all Power-Valve 2-stroke engines. The most advanced 100% synthetic ester base oils adhere to the engine components and thus prevent wear. It burns cleanly and thus prevents carbon deposits in the combustion chambers and the power valve. Not suitable for methanol fuels. 2013 CIK-FIA certified for use in high-performance racing karts.

  • Fully synthetic ester engine oil for power-valve two-stroke engines
  • Keeps the Power Valve system clean and functional
  • The thickness of the lubricating film prevents wear
  • For air- and liquid-cooled two-stroke power-valve engines with mixed lubrication
  • 2013 CIK-FIA certificate for use in racing karts

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1000 ml


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