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BYRON - the fuel of the champions!
The perfect fuel for your engine. Byron's Worlds Blend delivers maximum performance, increases engine life and simplifies adjustability.
Many titles in different classes
Many top pilots swear by BYRON
BYRON uses only high quality components

Technical data

Anteil/Nitro 15%
Öl: 20%
Byron Originals Fuel was first introduced in 1988. The product line originally included ducted fan jet fuel, conventional prop aircraft fuel and specially blended helicopter fuel. A strong International Distributor Network was highly instrumental in the development and eventual introduction of Byron RACE Fuels; a complete and separate line of premium fuel for R/C cars. Close ties with modelers of all kinds quickly led to the design, production and success of specialty fuels such as competition fuels for boats, special fuels for large gas engines that have been converted to glow fuel, "unlimited" aircraft race fuel and fuels for other specialized applications.


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