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Modified version of the well-known "FG-36" with improved electronic ignition (not compatible with its predecessor).

Who doesn't know them, the beautiful 4T engines from SAITO! Of course, these "jewels" are delivered with silencers (only where provided by the manufacturer). SAITO engines have been known for years for highest quality and reliability. series "GK" is delivered with black crankcase and golden valve cover (like most multi-cylinder engines!). All engines are ring engines with AAC (aluminium) running gear (except FA-60T and FA-100T). The latest development are the completely newly developed "FG" petrol engines with electronic ignition. An instruction manual and in English language is enclosed with the engine.

Technical data

ccm 36,3
HP 2,9
RPM 1700-9000
Weight 1245 g
Cylinder Type Ring
Incl. muffler yes

Box Contents

- SAITO FG-36B Petrol Engine
- Alu engine mount
- electric ignition, version 2012


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