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The UMS radial engine with 35ccm and 7 cylinders is a high quality glow ignition model engine for RC models with high demands.

The manufacturer UMS offers a unique range of radial motors.

The motors are characterized by a robust and elaborate construction, they are made for those scale model lovers who want to give their model a unique character and stand out from the rest. UMS has developed a series of five petrol engines and three glow ignition engines each, covering the entire spectrum of types required. Especially the small volume engines make it possible to produce smaller scale models, especially warbirds, with true originality.

The petrol engines are equipped with an electronic ignition system which is operated by a LiPo battery, petrol/oil mixture is used as fuel. The glow-ignition engines are pre-annealed with an external battery, and commercial model construction fuel based on methanol is used as fuel. All engines are delivered with silencers.

Cylinder: 7
Tread set: ABC
Carburetor: UMS standard
cubic capacity: 35 ccm
Bore hole: 18,0 mm
Stroke: 20.0 mm
Power: 2,2 HP/HP
Speed (rpm): 1000-6300
length: 15,9 cm
Width: 18,5 cm
height: 18,5 cm
Weight: 1,4 kg
Recommended propellers: 17 x 10,18 x 8
Silencer: Ring muffler incl. silencer
Spark plug: Glow plug
Fuel: methanol with 9% synthetic oil

Technical data

ccm 35
RPM 1000-6300
Weight 1400 g
Cylinder Type
Incl. muffler yes


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