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BIELA carbon fibre propellers are manufactured exclusively from high-quality raw materials. Particularly precise shapes and professional production enable very precise balancing and thus an exceptional running culture of the engine. Front side white with red leaf tips, back side black, as often on original airplanes. Therefore very true to the model! Semi-Scale Props was specially manufactured for certain aircraft types and gives the model the final polish for a perfect appearance. The "Sport" series has been specially developed for the needs of aerobatics and has a 10% higher efficiency with reduced noise development at the same time.

Technical data

Size" 20
Pitch" 10
Bore-Ø 8 mm
Type 2 Blade
Material Carbon
For engine ccm approx. 40-45
BIELA was founded in the year 2000 and today distributes thier products worldwide. Every propeller is individually handmade from Carbon and Glass Fiber components. Propellers from Biela offer high quality, lightweight performance, with very little sound! All Biela propellers are precisely balanced and our often found in use in the aerobatic competition scene.


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