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Something new is coming from the team that dominates the Garden and Park 3D Foam scene. It's fast and a lot of fun! The Twisted-Racers, the coolest thing there is to participate in Club Pylon races or just to fly for fun. And almost indestructible.

Once again, we bring you a combination of Cody Wojcik's construction, RC Factory's world-class manufacturing and impressive design. The result is an aircraft that is extremely easy to build. Once in the air, the racers fly effortlessly in perfect, stable flight in high-speed aerobatics or race along the improvised pylon course through high-g turns. One flies with the proven and inexpensive Shocky Power Combo. With a 3S 450mAh battery, the racers achieve full punch and long flight times.

Product features
  • Material EPP foam
  • Finished painted and milled components
  • Low assembly effort, widely prefabricated
  • Extremely light and yet super strong
  • Few parts, quick and easy to assemble
  • Richly illustrated manual (Download)

Technical data

Wing-span 780mm
Weight : 230g
Rec. engine : Brushless Motor PULSAR Shocky
Control :
Manufacturer : Pichler
Fuselage : EPP
Wings : EPP
Version :
Rec. Battery : 3s 450mAh
Length 720mm

Box Contents

- Twisted Racer kit from EPP
- Brushless Motor PULSAR Shocky # C9854
- Brushless controller PULSAR A-15 # C9757
- LiPo rechargeable battery LEMONRC 450-3S # C9453
- Propeller ORANGE PROP 8x4 # C5368
- Servo MASTER S2112 # C6624
- 2x Digital Servo MASTER S706MG # C6702

Das Produkt MUSTANG (ROT) COMBO SET 780MM TWISTED von PICHLER in der Kategorie 3D & Aerobatic Airplanes hat eine Spannweite von 780mm sowie ein Gewicht von 230g. Die Steuerung des Modells erfolgt über die Funktionen *. Das Modell ist als ausgeführt . Wir empfehlen einen 3s 450mAh Akku für dieses Elektroflugmodell.

* Erklärung Steuerfunktionen:
  • H ... Höhenruder
  • S ... Seitenruder
  • Q ... Querruder
  • M ... Motorsteuerung
  • V ... Vektorsteuerung
  • LK ... Landeklappen
  • SK ... Störklappen
  • WK ... Wölbklappen
  • EZFW ... Einziehfahrwerk
  • SKU ... Schleppkupplung
  • ( ) ... optional - in Klammer geschriebene Steuerfunktionen sind bei dem beschriebenen Modell optional verfügbar


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