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The Mamba 70cc combines precise Aerobatics and 3D in one.

Many years of experience and an intense love of aerodynamic and geometric detail make a biplane possible that is not available anywhere else!
Based on a Pitts Model 12 Kevin Kimbal from Jim Kimbal Enterprises and Quique Somenzini constructed, several different changes were made.
These changes include a new slim bonnet, more surface depth and revised wing tips and ailerons.

The Mamba 70cc has a surface area of 133.6dm² and a take-off weight of less than 8.6kg. Due to this low wing loading a precise 3D flight is possible. With minimal control commands and hardly any correction, the MAMBA 3D and F3A combines in one model! Quique has combined all his many years of experience in the field of F3A and 3D and the result is a TOP model developed by master craftsmen.

  • Both surfaces divisible for easy transport
  • balsa, plywood, construction
  • Extreme 3D performance
  • Precise aerobatics with hardly any control correction
  • painted GRP wheel trims and bonnet
  • Optional Shark Teeth leading edge to optimize the flow and improved control input in slow flight
  • Decor already attached

Recommended accessories:
  • Aura 8 AFCS (9717371)
  • 50-70cc engine and propeller
  • from 6 channel computer control

Technical data

Wing-span 1961
Weight : 8,62kg
Rec. engine 50-70ccm
Control H,S,Q,M
Manufacturer : FLEX Innovation
Fuselage : Holz
Wings : Holz/Rippenb.
Rec. Battery :
Antriebsart: Verbrenner
Flight Skill : Professional
Building Skill : Professional

Box Contents

- Model in ingenious wooden construction
- GFK bonnet and wheel covers
- "Shark Teeth" Noseband
- applied decoration
- Manual in German / English language



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