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With the DLG "Libelle" model, you can experience the unique pleasure of starting a model by hand and then directing it directly into the thermals. The model is started in the "Discus launch" procedure and achieves good initial heights for thermal or upwind searches. The ingenious concept of the Dream-Flight model enables shortest possible assembly time and great robustness in flight operations.

Technical data

Wing-span : 1200 mm
Weight : ca.280-290g
Airfoil : HQ 3.5 Strak HQ-Oldtimer
Control : H,S,Q
Manufacturer : Dream-Flight
Fuselage : EPO/Carbon
Wings : EPO
Receiver battery :
Lenght :
Fly / Build 21.jpg
Drive Type :

Box Contents

LINDINGER SUPER SET consisting of:

4 pcs. HS-40Hitec Servos
2pcs. 10cm servo extension cable
Receiver battery GP 250mAh/4,8V NiMH
Libelle "model made of EPO moulded foam parts
Carbon reinforcements of the foam parts
Carbon tail boom
Various small parts for linkage etc.
decal sheet
with English building instructions

The product LIBELLE DLG LINDINGER SUPER-SET from DREAM-FLIGHT in the category Glider Models has a wingspan of 1200 mm and a weight of HQ 3.5 Strak HQ-Oldtimer. The model is controlled via the functions H,S,Q*. The Model is EPO/Carbon and is for Fortgeschrittene. The completion of the model is possible for Modellbau-Einsteiger ohne Vorkenntnisse.

* Explanation of control functions:
  • E ... Elevator
  • R ... Rudder
  • A ... Ailerons
  • M ... Motor controlled
  • V ... Vector controlled
  • AB ... Airbrakes
  • F ... Flaps
  • RLG ... Retractable Landing Gear
  • GT ... Glider Tow
  • ( ) ... optional - control functions written in brackets are optionally available for the described model
Wind-powered fun since 1996 Dream-Flight has been creating forward-thinking RC gliders since 1996. Our goal is to develop unique aircraft that are pure fun to fly. Our passion is designing quality, affordable R/C aircraft that get more people outdoors to enjoy the wind and sun!


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