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The MONSUN by Robbe Modellsport is a reference of excellence for the 3m class of electric gliders in both flight performance and pre installment of components.

The airplane is designed with an HQ/W-2.5/9 profile. The aircraft is both very agile but also very friendly in theraml consitions. The flight performance is being supported by a total weight under 3kg. The construction of the wing is very robust around a foam core with abachi planking and reinforced wing joines. This allows you to fly high speed maneuvres under high load without any problem.

The enlarged vertical stabilizer and rudder as also a well dimensioned vertical stab and rudder are responsbile for stability in fast flight but also agility in small thermals. The control and potential of the aircraft ist phenomenal.

The aircraft is designed for a large envelope of speeds. It can go crazy fast but also extremely slow especially when setting the flaps. It is always lots of fun to come in for a low and slow landing. The speed range makes this model a perfect fit for the ambitious club level pilot.

The completion level PnP is a real advantage to your budget in time. Nasty and sometimes trick installments are already done by us. Winglocks, servos, motor and wiring are done. All you need to add is an ESC of your choice and your receiver. You can be in the air in less than 2 hours. How great is that? We call it awesome because we enjoy being in the air.

  • FRP fuselage fully painted and reinforced by carbon fibre
  • two piece wing, reinforced by 80g/sqm fibreglass, carbon fibre reinforcement around the wing joiner
  • one piece main spar in sandwich technology, carbon fibre/wood/carbon fibre
  • all surfaces covered with Oracover
  • modern design and decoration
  • ailerons and flaps connected through covering
  • steel wing joiner
  • fuselage with large canopy and installed vertical reinforcements
  • good thermal perfomance, sporty allrounder

Technical data

Wing-span 2990 mm
Weight : approx. 2995g (flying weight)
Rec. engine : Ro-Power 3526-870
Control : E,R,A,M,F
Manufacturer : ROBBE
Fuselage : Fiberglass
Wings : Styro/Fiberglass/Abachi Fläche
Version : PNP - PLUG N PLAY
Rec. Battery : 4S 3200mah
Fly / Build : 22.jpg
Drive Type : Electric

Box Contents

- two-piece, ready-covered Oracover® Styro/GfK/Abachi surface with CfK plugging
- tail units covered with Oracover
- Himax C3526-870 K/V built-in
- 5x Tomahawk TDS-270 MG installed
- TDS-155 MG installed
- Servo cable completely wired
- Multilock surface connection installed
- Built-in surface servo connector
- 12x8" carbon folding propeller
- 38mm Turbo Spinner
- Instructions in German and English

Das Produkt MONSUN PNP STYRO/GFK/ABACHI FLÄCHE von ROBBE in der Kategorie Electric Glider Models hat eine Spannweite von 2990 mm sowie ein Gewicht von approx. 2995g (flying weight). Die Steuerung des Modells erfolgt über die Funktionen E,R,A,M,F. Das Modell ist als PNP - PLUG N PLAY ausgeführt und ist für Fortgeschrittene geeignet. Die Fertigstellung des Modells ist für Modellbauer mit Vorkenntnissen einfach möglich. Wir empfehlen einen 4S 3200mah Akku für dieses Elektroflugmodell.

* Erklärung Steuerfunktionen:
  • H ... Höhenruder
  • S ... Seitenruder
  • Q ... Querruder
  • M ... Motorsteuerung
  • V ... Vektorsteuerung
  • LK ... Landeklappen
  • SK ... Störklappen
  • WK ... Wölbklappen
  • EZFW ... Einziehfahrwerk
  • SKU ... Schleppkupplung
  • ( ) ... optional - in Klammer geschriebene Steuerfunktionen sind bei dem beschriebenen Modell optional verfügbar
In 1924 Robert Becker (robbe) set up a small sawmill in the heart of Germany, which formed the germ-cell of brand today. At that time modelling was almost unknown, and did not feature in the activities of the young company, which initially concentrated on marketing a broad range of wooden products. After 1945 the first supplies of balsa wood were imported from South America for processing, and it was Hubert Becker, son of the company's founder, who was among the first to recognise the potential of this easily-worked timber in the field of modelling.


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