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Samsara is indispensable for thermal flying. Flaps allow to fly efficiently even in bad weather, make thermals and also works well as airbrakes and thus allow the land to the foot even under the most difficult conditions. Samsara will satisfy all those interested who want to enjoy the beautiful flying in thermals. It is characterized by calm and stable gliding. Three-piece wing has a lightweight balsa framework with D-box. The fuselage is made of white gel-coated fiberglass and reinforced with carbon. The floating elevator is balsa framework with carbon spar and leading edge. The elevator is mounted on a fiberglass bed. Rudder and elevator are controlled by servo in the fin. The drive unit is designed so that it is possible to use 3S lipo battery.

Technical data

Wing-span 3200 mm
Weight : 2-2,2kg
Rec. engine : BL Outrunner
Control : E,R,A,M,F
Manufacturer : Topmodel
Fuselage Fiberglass
Wings : Wood/Ribbed construction
Rec. Battery : 3S/2200-3200mAh LiXX
Drive Type : Electric
Flight Skill : Advanced
Building Skill : Advanced

Box Contents

  • Lightweight gel-coated white fiberglass fuselage and canopy
  • The wings are in three parts to ease transport and storage
  • Lightweight wings are made in a balsa framework and covered with Oracover®
  • Removeable tail surfaces are made in a balsa framework and covered with Oracover®
  • Vinyl cnc cut stickers
  • Top quality accessories
  • Complet assembly manual with step by step illustrations

Das Produkt SAMSARA F5J ARF TRANSPARENT von TOPMODEL in der Kategorie Electric Glider Models hat eine Spannweite von 3200 mm sowie ein Gewicht von 2-2,2kg. Die Steuerung des Modells erfolgt über die Funktionen E,R,A,M,F. Das Modell ist als ARF - ALMOST READY TO FLY ausgeführt . Wir empfehlen einen 3S/2200-3200mAh LiXX Akku für dieses Elektroflugmodell.

* Erklärung Steuerfunktionen:
  • H ... Höhenruder
  • S ... Seitenruder
  • Q ... Querruder
  • M ... Motorsteuerung
  • V ... Vektorsteuerung
  • LK ... Landeklappen
  • SK ... Störklappen
  • WK ... Wölbklappen
  • EZFW ... Einziehfahrwerk
  • SKU ... Schleppkupplung
  • ( ) ... optional - in Klammer geschriebene Steuerfunktionen sind bei dem beschriebenen Modell optional verfügbar


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