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Good wooden building sets have become rare. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer you this wonderful model as a quick wooden construction kit with many prefabricated parts made of selected, high-quality materials. The model can be built as a pure sailor or (at one's own discretion) as an electric sailor. We offer the necessary accessories (brushless motor, controller, micro-servos, micro-battery etc.) to match.

Contents quick-assembly kit

Prefabricated slats, printed boards etc. made of light, selected balsa wood
Cabin glazing
Covering material (multi-coloured)
Detailed construction plan (mostly 1:1)

Technical data

Wing-span : 900 mm
Weight : 165g
Recommend motor
Control : H,S,Q,M
Manufacturer : WEST WINGS
Fuselage : Wood
Wings : Holz
Version : KIT
Receiver battery :
Flug / Bau: 12.jpg
The product SWALLOW HOLZBAUSATZ from WEST WINGS in the category Glider Models has a wingspan of 900 mm and a weight of . The model is controlled via the functions H,S,Q,M*. The Model is Wood and is for Beginner. The completion of the model is possible for Modellbauer mit Vorkenntnissen.

* Explanation of control functions:
  • E ... Elevator
  • R ... Rudder
  • A ... Ailerons
  • M ... Motor controlled
  • V ... Vector controlled
  • AB ... Airbrakes
  • F ... Flaps
  • RLG ... Retractable Landing Gear
  • GT ... Glider Tow
  • ( ) ... optional - control functions written in brackets are optionally available for the described model


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