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Balsa wood glider. All parts are ready punched and can only be glued together.

Technical data

Wing-span 340 mm
Control free flight
Manufacturer Aeronaut
Fuselage Balsa
Wings Balsa
Version KIT
Fly / Build 11.jpg

Box Contents

Baustufenzeichen u. Klebehinweise, sämtl.Modellteile aus Balsaholz gestanzt, Trimmblei, sowie Farbdekor zum Aufkleben.

Over the past 30 years, the company Aeronaut has been distributed from Modellbau Lindinger due to high quality products and services. The name "Aeronaut", based from the Greek Symbol for air and water, was chosen for the company in the 1970's as they stepped into the RC industry. Aeronaut is well known for self-designed and manufactured products, for example, the CAMCarbon Folding Propeller.


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