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Aqua Star ist eine absolute Sensation auf dem Gebiet der Wasserraketen:

A ready-made system with which fast alle handelsüblichen PET-Flaschen can be converted to water rocket without the use of adhesives or tools!
Fly up to 100m with water and air!

Aqua Star is a completely new and well thought-out approach that has never been seen before.
A rear part that adapts to most bottle necks, a soft, aerodynamic foam tip that fits all bottle diameters, and also offers space to add ballast to the tip when needed.
The Startrampe ist robust, antitipper and can be folded compactly for easy transport. The special water rocket attachment offers the rocket a safe guidance during the launch process.

Es werden lediglich noch eine handelsübliche Fahrradpumpe und leere PET-Flaschen von kohlensäurehaltigen Getränken benötigt.

The addition of PET bottles was deliberately dispensed with, as there are already enough of them in the world.
Therefore, you can give a commercial bottle a second career as a rocket before it is disposed of!

After the rocket has been put together, simply fill the bottle with about 1/3 of the water, lock it on the start ramp and apply the pressure with the bicycle pump.
Then set the pump aside and press the trigger on the trigger that unlocks the rocket.

The rocket may only be launched outdoors under the supervision of an adult in order to avoid possible dangers. Safety instructions must be observed.

Box Contents

Robust, non-tilting start ramp
release device with 3 meter long Bowden cable, air pump connection and child's play trigger
rear part with locking ring and water connection adapter
One set of large attachable rocket fins
foam tip
one roll of special adhesive tape for fixing the tip


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