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The beautiful Pilatus PC-7 from maxFlite is offered in the former orange-black paint finish of the PC-7 team. The PC-7 was the first turboprop-driven training aircraft of the Swiss company Pilatus and is a success story with over 600 machines produced. The PC-7 has the usual tandem seat arrangement for training aircraft (the instructor sits at the back) and is fully aerobatic capable. MaxFlite hopes that the detailed printed PC-7 Propgleiter will find many fans far beyond Switzerland.

maxFlite throwing gliders are lovingly reproduced models of famous models. The design is high quality and detailed printed on Depron. The models are larger in comparison to the usual Depron glides and therefore have better flight characteristics.

Technical data

Wing-span 380 mm
Weight 30g
Airfoil 52
Control free flight
Manufacturer Maxflite
Fuselage Hypodur
Wings Hypodur
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