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Star Trek USS Enterprise Into Darkness Modelkit

The new Star Trek films are also convincing with convincing actors, gripping stories and breathtaking action. A new Star Trek world has been created, full of interesting characters known from the old movies. The USS Enterprise has been redesigned and looks sophisticated and modern. The Revell model kit of the USS Enterprise from the movie Into Darkness features many exciting details.

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Into Darkness

- Completely newly developed kit

- Large, two-part saucer section

- Separate command bridge

- Multi-part deflector and sensor

- Large-area, two-part secondary fuselage

- Multi-part warp nacelles with separate pylons

- Many clear parts, including Bussard collectors and position lights

- display stand

- Suitable for lighting (equipment not included)

- Detailed building instructions with painting instructions

- Extensive decal for the Enterprise

Colours: 5 47 55 56 76 99 301 302 371 752

- Components: 91 Length: 588 mm

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