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  • Basla wood and Oracover(Ultracote) covering construction
  • Aluminum tube plug-in for wings spar
  • Two pieces wing
  • Aluminum tube for stabilizer
  • Removable stabilizer
  • Factory preinstall hinges
  • Super light and strong
  • One servo for each flap , one servo for each aileron,one servo for each elevator, one servos for rudder. one servo for front wheel
  • Dual wall tail pipe for 8-12kg turbine included
  • Removable SFG included

Technical data

Wing-span : 1980 mm
Weight : 10,88 kg
Rec. Engine : 8-12kg Turbine
Control : E,R,A,M,(RLG)
Manufacturer : Pilot RC
Fuselage : Wood
Wings : Wood/ribbed construction
Version : KIT
Rec. Battery :
Length: 2100 mm
Fly / Build : 33.jpg
Drive Type : Glow
Thunderbirds 9740153
Orange 9740154
Rot 9740155

Box Contents

  • model in wooden construction, pre-covered
  • aluminium wing and tail plugging
  • Dual Wall Pipe / thrust tube
  • optional electric retractable landing gear available


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