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- Attractive sport jet for turbine drive
- Designed for turbines with 40 to 70N thrust
- fuselage, wings and tail fin in balsa plywood construction, multi-coloured
- Integrated glass-fibre reinforced plastic frame for the assembly of all components
- Prepared for the installation of a retractable landing gear
- Balanced flight characteristics, fully aerobatic
- Ideally suited for grass slopes
- Quick and easy installation on the airfield
- Particularly effective landing flap
- Available in different colour versions
- Short construction time due to high degree of prefabrication
- Detailed building instructions

The Boomerang NANO is an attractive and agile sport jet. It has compact dimensions and lies securely on the rudder in every flight situation. The large rudder surfaces give the NANO a perfect response for demanding aerobatics. Due to the low wing loading, the NANO convinces with perfect steering even at low flight speeds. The landing flap brakes the model very effectively and makes landing very easy, even on grass runways.

The fuselage, the tail boom, the wings and the tailplane are made of lightweight balsa plywood. All wooden parts are multicoloured and covered with high-quality foil. A real innovation is the integrated glass-fibre reinforced plastic frame, which reinforces the cell and accommodates all components. This makes the interior of the model look very clear and tidy.

To transport the model, the NANO can be dismantled into 6 individual parts. If the car offers a little more space, only the wing can be removed for transport.

Turbines from 40 to 70 Newton thrust can be used for propulsion. This makes the model equally suitable for jet beginners as well as jet professionals. The optionally available retractable landing gear with towed landing gear legs is also designed for rough use on grass runways.

All in all, the NANO is an attractive sport jet that becomes an absolute eye-catcher on any airfield after a short construction period. Thanks to its balanced flight characteristics and wide speed range, the NANO is also the first choice for jet beginners.

Technical data

Wing-span : 1520 mm
Weight : 6-6,5kg flying weigth
Rec. Engine : Turbine: 40 ~ 70 N thrust
Control : E,R,A,M,F,RLG
Manufacturer : Ripmax
Fuselage : Wood
Wings : Wood/ribbed construction
Rec. Battery :
Length: 1700 mm
Fly / Build : 32.jpg
Antriebsart: Verbrenner
roulette 9761402
nano sport 9761404

Box Contents

- fuselage, wings and tail fin in balsa plywood construction, multi-coloured
- canopy
- Set of small parts and accessories


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