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Aerobatic Jet, fiberglass fuselage painted on the outside, balsa wings, covered with Oracover. Electric retractable chassis in aluminium and 10 servos installed in the factory.

Technical data

Wing-span : 1215 mm
Weight : 3040g mit Akku
Rec. engine : 90mm mit 1750kv motor
Control : H,S,Q,M,EZFW
Manufacturer : Sebart
Fuselage : GFK
Wings : Holz/Rippenb.
Rec. Battery :
Länge: 1460 mm
Fly / Build : 32.jpg
Antriebsart: Elektro
military 9758958
blue angels 9758959

Box Contents

- GRP fuselage lacquered
- Wing and tail units in timber construction, fully covered
- electric retractable undercarriage
- 3 servos installed (landing gear shaft, steering servo)
- Assembly instructions in English language

SEBART models, designed by the several-time champion Sebastiano Silvestri! The models are precision aircrafts with an unbelievable flying performance. Most are made of mixed wood with a lot of GFK-components and extensive accessoires. The operating instructions are illustrated, in english and the construction effort is very low. You just have to do a rest assembly and put in the equipment. Enter the world of the aerobatics pilot Sebastiano Silvestri with SEBART models.


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