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To counter the Fokker scourge early in the First World War, the Bristol Aircraft Company secretly developed the M-1. It was quite revolutionary for its time. It had a wire braced wing without external struts and featured a single Vickers .303 Caliber Machine Gun which fired through the propeller, courtesy of the “appropriate” use of Fokker’s interrupter gear mechanism. Our kit of this aircraft doesn’t have all the international intrigue involved with the original, but it sure is a lot of fun! Construction is quick and easy. The round type fuselage is built using formers and stringers over a rectangular crutch which is simple to build, yet gives the illusion of complex scale construction. The flying qualities are superb. Slow, graceful flight and lazy aerobatics is where the Bristol is at its’ best. We invite you to enjoy the flavor of a World War I model that builds quickly and easily and flies great!


Technical data

Wing-span : 1520 mm
Weight : approx. 2700-3000 g
Rec. Engine : 2T 6,5-9,5/4T 7-10,5 cm³
Control : E,R,A,M,V,F,RLG,TV
Manufacturer : BALSA USA
Fuselage : Wood
Wings : Wood/ribbed construction
Version : KIT
Rec. Battery :
Fly / Build : 23.jpg
Drive Type : Glow

Box Contents

  • Construction kit Bristol M-1
  • Full Size Rolled Plans & Instructions
  • Removable “1-piece” bolt on wings
  • Pre-bent Wire Landing Gear
  • Basic Hardware Package
  • Jig & die cut parts
  • ABS Plastic Cowl

(without pilot doll, wheels, machine gun, propeller)


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