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The Sopwith Pup was one of the most famous World War I fighters. It is remembered as the best flying aircraft of World War I, a tribute to the Sopwith design philosophy of simple and aerodynamically clean structure. Pilots who flew this aircraft apparently looked upon it as an offspring of the 1-1/2 Strutter and dubbed it as the “Pup.” Its little known official name is the Sopwith Type 9901. Our model is a faithful reproduction of this early aircraft.


Technical data

Wing-span : 1365 mm
Weight : approx. 1800-2700 g
Rec. Engine : 4T 5,7-8,2 cm³
Control : E,R,M,A
Manufacturer : BALSA USA
Fuselage : Wood
Wings : Wood/ribbed construction
Version : KIT
Rec. Battery :
Fly / Build : 23.jpg
Drive Type : Glow

Box Contents

  • Construction kit Sopwith Pup 1/6
  • Full Size Rolled Plans & Instructions
  • Jig & die cut parts
  • Pre-bent Wire Landing Gear and Struts
  • Basic Hardware Package
  • Two Removable “1-piece” bolt on wings
  • ABS Plastic Cowl


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