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The new XCub is the fastest, strongest and best equipped STOL CubCrafter ever built. Up to the full scale pilot, this flying Swiss Army Knife will not only take part in everything visually and will develop into an absolute favourite pilot. The state-of-the-art design of the Hangar 9 XCub 60cc ARF is designed to give every pilot the ultimate in large model flying fun without the construction effort of a classic large model.

As the first officially licensed replica, our engineers worked very closely with CubCrafter. The construction was based not only on the plans of the original but also on the spirit that contains the answer to the question of what can be implemented even better for the builder and pilot in such a model. The result is an aircraft that, like the original, waits perfectly for the next adventure. Despite its considerable size, it is easy to assemble and handle. In the air, the advantages of this mature construction are noticeable through perfect and rock-solid flight characteristics.

The laser-cut frames in the solid fuselage construction are also a feast for the eye at the second glance and underline the high demands of the model with the cockpit interior. This is complemented by the high-quality UltraCote covering in the original colours and many other scale details such as the bracing, the tundra tyres, the profiled struts and the operational LED lighting to name but a few highlights of the model.

When implementing the model, the developers specifically remembered that the construction should be fun with clever solutions, as is usual for all Hangar 9 models. Under the large GRP cowling, the Evolution 62 GX engine can easily be accommodated. The flight batteries in the E version are simply exchanged via the cockpit side doors which also close securely. The two-part plug-in wing with folding wing struts ensures easy transport and space-saving storage. The flaps and ailerons are equipped with a composite hinge with removable metal bolts, which underlines the scale claim of the machine without extra construction effort. The comprehensive package of accessories and small parts includes all parts for upgrading to an internal combustion engine or electric drive.

With the XCub you get the real Cub flying experience in combination with the latest production methods and design features. The streamlined chassis effectively reduces air resistance and provides better acceleration and top speed. The larger fin provides the stability. In the air, this is particularly noticeable through perfect flight characteristics at all speeds. The large landing flaps provide spectacular approaches. The Cub is particularly suitable as a tow plane. The high-quality metal towing system is installed in a very short time. When the glider is at the right height, this Cub can be used for casual gymnastics with hardcore aerobatics. The XCub 60CC is the aircraft that makes dreams come true.

- Officially licensed replica of the CubCrafters XCub STOL
- Simple installation, no special tools required
- Expert construction from laser-cut balsa and plywood
- Authentic UltraCote® fabric
- Two-piece plug-in wings with hardened aluminium wing connectors
- Painted, folding wing struts with quick-release fastener
- Functional bracing of the tail unit
- Factory-fitted composite flaps and aileron hinges with metal bolts
- Painted spring chassis
- Scale Tundra-Style tailwheel included
- Sullivan 7-inch Skylite wheels with aluminium hubcaps - Magnetically secured fuselage flap and cockpit doors
- High-Power 3S compatible LED lighting
- Towing device included in delivery
- Cockpit details and seats
- GFK bonnet painted with spinner
- Prepared for electric and combustion drive
- Optional bungee-spring chassis available
- Complete set of small parts with motor accessories included in delivery

Technical data

Wing-span (mm): 2940
Flight weight approx (g): 8410
Empty weight approx. (g):
Control: H,S,Q,M,opt.SK
Manufacturer: Hangar 9
Fuselage: Wood
Wings: Wood/ribbed construction
Rec. Battery:
Length (mm):
recommend Motor: BL Outrunner / 50-70 ccm
Flight Skill: Advanced
Building Skill : Advanced
Drive type: Electro & Glow

Box Contents

- Balsa plywood model
- completely covered
- pluggable carrying surface with quick-release fastener
- standard Wheels
- LED lighting
- towing device
- cockpit details
- GFK engine bonnet
- small items
- assembly instruction

Hangar 9 offers excellent flight models for ambitious pilots! The spectrum reaches from the classical sailplane throw scale warbirds and acrobatic model. They set great value upon high quality materials and details. Worldwide, top pilots swear by the magnificent models of Hangar 9. Convince yourself!


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